Historic New England Slate

When considering slate roof repair, it’s worth-while to take a moment and understand a little bit of history.

Slate roofs are not only durable but undeniably part of the beautiful landscape of New England.

Unlike man-made materials, slate roofs can easily last 200 years. If regularly maintained, they can last longer.

Broken, cracked or missing slate should be repaired promptly in order to prevent water damage or deterioration of roof sheathing.

Regular maintenance includes replacing broken or missing slate in the Spring after the ice and snow has melted for another season.

Slate repair has become a dying profession and too often contractors improperly repair slate roofs which can lead to further problems. Sanders Slate & Brick has the experience and expertise to repair and restore your roof.

To learn more history and information about Slate, check out the National Park Services Preservation Brief on Slate Roofing.

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